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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Strikers pt 1

Adebayor - Quality striker, bit slow but strong, good finisher, always does a number on me. 4-6k, Deal at less than 5.
Agbonlahoar- Serious speed, not too much more than that. 4.6-10k. Dont pay more than 5 though.
Aguero - Undervalued Striker, quick, strong, good shot. 1.8-5.3k, dont pay much more than 2.
Amauri - Not seen much of him, strong in the air, strong. 2.5-4k, dont pay much more than 3
Anelka - Quick, strong, good finisher 7.1-10.3. Pay around 8k or less.
Arshavin - very quick, strong for a dwarf too. 5.1-9. Got an av. sale of 7.3 but i'd pay less than 7k.
Balotelli - I've bought him loads, but hes bloody annoying for me. Got a 68 contract one for 1.5k. Goes for between one and 3, dont pay much more than 1 though. Personally hes sh1te.
Benzema Made a deal on this fella, bought for 7.5 sold for 10 within the hour. 7.3-11.5 pay around 8k, quality player too.
Cassano Rated 88, probably not that good, sneijder is better, weak as a kitten, 3-10k Dont pay more than 6 and will usually go for at least 7.
Del Piero - A personal hero of mine, absolute legend, looks quick for an old man here, rated high too. Only got 3 sales on him 10.6-12.9 always has a high buy it now so i rarely see a sale. i'd say not much more than 10k.
Di Natale - Had a quality season in serie A last season, rated 88(?) super quick but not strong (another dwarf), 8.5 - 20k Wouldnt pay much more than 10, probably money to be made on this guy.
Drog - I hate this guy too, strong and fast up there with torres and rooney on this game. 20-23, i rekon u could get something less than 20 if your lucky.
Luis Fabiano - Dont know much about him on the game, i presume quick with a good shot. 1.5-4k, try and get him for around 2.
Forlan - Recently purchased him myself 12 contract 5.75k, rarely goes for less than 5k, usually for around 7. I need to start buying to sell and not buy players for my team.
Higuain- Got him in my first pack, kept him ever since, quick and strong, awful left foot but his right is pretty damn good. 3-5k I rekon no more than low 3's though. If you persevere he'll go for 4.5+.
Hulk - Superstrong and quick, not green unfortunately. 5.3-10k. Dont pay much more than 6k.


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  2. hey mate are you on ps3 or xbox360? i guess the markets vary accordingly

  3. ps3 mate, yeh i have no idea how much they vary, strange to think they would vary too much

  4. ok cool. im also on ps3. currently making money with iniesta. buying at 10K selling for 13K.

  5. yeh ive done that a few times too, an easy for thousand, benzema is a good one recently i've got him for around 7 and sold him for close to 10 or 11.