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Monday, 9 August 2010

In the begining

I basically started out playing fifa as a kid, the indoor games on FIFA 97 were a particular highlight, i had that on the PC. On went the years of more fifa games, RTWC, hope that means something to you, 99 with Bergkamp and on and on it went, mainly on the N64. Then came pro evo 5, i played it at a friends house and realised this kicks fifa into touch, i was turned in the space of about 5 minutes, not even put off by the lack of licenses as the gameplay felt much more fun. This went on until FIFA 09, EA pulled there fingers out and realeased a pretty great game, i wasnt really into the ultimate team as i joined late, already bought Pro Evo 2009 and enjoyed that, and didnt really get it(wasnt too bothered either), so games against mates was as far as i went. Enter Fifa 10 and Pro Evo 2010. Pro Evo may have aquired the champions league but they never developed the gameplay significantly whilst the guys at EA were making headway here, the Be A Pro/Become a Legend issue is a serious one. Be a pro makes development and progress more easy to see, while become a legend is harder work and stuck in the slow turning pro evo gameplay engine which is looking old compared to the smooth movements involved in Fifa.

In short Pro Evo 2010 is gathering dust somewhere while i play Fifa, mixed with a fair amount of Call of Duty. I love the Be A Pro, it is a brilliant idea to bring to any sports game, as i believe EA have done to everything they can. My PS3 issue has an issue with FIFA, it crashes playing manager mode, my be a pro was kind of lost too, had to edit my profile something on the xmb (i dont understand either), so i was pretty mad but told there was nothing i could do about it, EA has too many offices for one man to burn to the ground. My friend plays Fifa loads and he reminded me of ultimate team, and so it began.

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