The Ultimate Fifa Ultimate Team Trading Guide.

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010


A lot of people seem to go for Kompany/Toure if they dont have the big guys in Puyol/Lucio/Pique in the centre defense, I find chivu and samuel are really good, very strong but perhaps lacking the pace of the other 4. I've looked at players and how much there selling for to give you a guide of a bargain price for the following players. Ive only put down the players ive got a lot of prices for. Obviously time of day will probably alter the price paid but here goes:
Deal<10k means its a deal if you pay less than 10k, just in case your unaware.

Cole A, one of the best left backs, egit. 4-6k           Deal<5
Evra, other quality left back, not many on the game 8-13.5k(13.5 is high)    Deal low 8k, 8-9 is his range.
Felipe, attacking left back, highly rated/priced on the game. 5.2-9k       Deal<6.5
R Ferdinand not too strong, not too fast prices ranging from 2.6 to 7k.     Deal<4k
Gallas quick, strong in the air too from 2.6 to 7k.           Deal<3.5k
G Johnson, pretty great right back, solid. 2.3 to 6k, price changes a lot.  Deal<4k
Lucio, awesome CB, one of the best on the game. 21-30k                   Deal<24
Pique 81 pretty strong, good passer. Relatively cheap too. 2.7-4.8k.     Deal<3.2k
Puyol, pretty awesome some variations in price too. 16.1-26k  16 lucky deal.   Deal<21k
Sagna, a quality right back. 5-6.3k so not much room for manoeuvre.     Deal<5.5           
Terry dead strong, in the air too, painfully slow, 1st class egit too. Cheap though.2.1-3.2      Deal<2.5
Toure 86, strong and quick cheap for what you get. 5.5-8k Steady pricing,minimal profit.         Deal<6
Vidic superman strong, quickish, aerially dominant. money to be made. 3.8-16(more like 6)      Deal<4.5
Yobo, overrated by the game, quick and strong. 5.5-8k        Deal
Zanetti 86, quality bucaneering right back some money to be made here.  9.6-16.6k            Deal<10k

Good players who go for no more than set amounts.
Bruno Alves, W Samuel, C Chivu - great players, no more than 1k
Gamberini, no more than 4k sells between 3 and 5, more so closer to 5
Kompany - Between low 1k's and 3k. Handy player too.

Hope this helps post any questions about the info, or if you wanna no a guestimate about a certain players let me know and i'll tell you what ive got on them, cheers.


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