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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Midfield Part 1

There are so many players here, i started off with about 20 to browse but i ended up at around 50, so its proving to be time consuming. I dont have all the data for a lot of the good players as they generally have an overpriced starting bid.
X Alonso 82, awesome passer. You know what you get here. 1.8-3.5k     Deal<2k
Anderson, engergetic, i'm a united fan and hes better on the game than on grass, 0.65-3k, perservere to profit. Deal<1k
Arteta 85, great passer, quick ish, handy player. 2.1-6k with a wierd 13k(no big contract?) Deal<3k
Ballack, massively popular to sell, solid all round. 3.1-6.9k 5k is the going rate so Deal<4k
Barry, terrible in real life but quite good on the game as a holding player. .95-2.3k  deal<1.2k
Bastos, pretty much unknown to the world before the world cup, definitely a winger not a LB, 1.1-4.5k Deal<2.5k
Cambiasso, awesome player, deals to be had, money to be made, always loads for sale too. 3.2-10 Deal<4 he will usually sell for around 5k.
Joe Cole, my favourite player for a long time, enhanced by his liverpool debut in my eyes. 1.1-2.4k Deal <1.7k
De Rossi, awesome midfielder, saw him go for a steal at 1.4k, i had no $ to bid against. 1.4-10k Deal <5k will go for 7k+
Angel Di Maria, the most expensive 82 rated player on the game, good though. 8-12k   Deal<9k
Diego, good am, bit weak great passer 2-4k.     Deal<2.6k
Essien, very strong, very good, very expensive. Profit can be made here. 20-35k.       Deal <25k
Fabregas, quality player on the game. 15-22.6k             Deal<20, will sell for more than 20k
Iniesta, awesome passer, not bad in the box too. 12-16k seen him not sell for starting bids around 15k a lot.  Deal < 14k

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