The Ultimate Fifa Ultimate Team Trading Guide.

Heres my 1st team if you wanna see:

Friday, 10 September 2010


Not been on for  a while for  a few reasons, the main one being the other day some douche hacked my account, and decided to sell all my players, well the good ones anyway, but i am making money out of the bronze featured single player cup, 7.5k per win plus 500 per round completed. I find this wierd as i had just bought some expensive players for my first team, including tevez, felipe luis, and chiellini. I was incredibly mad and a little worried as my password isnt so easy so have been changing passwords on everything else of late.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Strikers pt 1

Adebayor - Quality striker, bit slow but strong, good finisher, always does a number on me. 4-6k, Deal at less than 5.
Agbonlahoar- Serious speed, not too much more than that. 4.6-10k. Dont pay more than 5 though.
Aguero - Undervalued Striker, quick, strong, good shot. 1.8-5.3k, dont pay much more than 2.
Amauri - Not seen much of him, strong in the air, strong. 2.5-4k, dont pay much more than 3
Anelka - Quick, strong, good finisher 7.1-10.3. Pay around 8k or less.
Arshavin - very quick, strong for a dwarf too. 5.1-9. Got an av. sale of 7.3 but i'd pay less than 7k.
Balotelli - I've bought him loads, but hes bloody annoying for me. Got a 68 contract one for 1.5k. Goes for between one and 3, dont pay much more than 1 though. Personally hes sh1te.
Benzema Made a deal on this fella, bought for 7.5 sold for 10 within the hour. 7.3-11.5 pay around 8k, quality player too.
Cassano Rated 88, probably not that good, sneijder is better, weak as a kitten, 3-10k Dont pay more than 6 and will usually go for at least 7.
Del Piero - A personal hero of mine, absolute legend, looks quick for an old man here, rated high too. Only got 3 sales on him 10.6-12.9 always has a high buy it now so i rarely see a sale. i'd say not much more than 10k.
Di Natale - Had a quality season in serie A last season, rated 88(?) super quick but not strong (another dwarf), 8.5 - 20k Wouldnt pay much more than 10, probably money to be made on this guy.
Drog - I hate this guy too, strong and fast up there with torres and rooney on this game. 20-23, i rekon u could get something less than 20 if your lucky.
Luis Fabiano - Dont know much about him on the game, i presume quick with a good shot. 1.5-4k, try and get him for around 2.
Forlan - Recently purchased him myself 12 contract 5.75k, rarely goes for less than 5k, usually for around 7. I need to start buying to sell and not buy players for my team.
Higuain- Got him in my first pack, kept him ever since, quick and strong, awful left foot but his right is pretty damn good. 3-5k I rekon no more than low 3's though. If you persevere he'll go for 4.5+.
Hulk - Superstrong and quick, not green unfortunately. 5.3-10k. Dont pay much more than 6k.

Midfield Part 2

Lampard 87, popular player in all the good teams. Standard 28-32k. Deals probably to be done around mid 25k.
Kaka 86 - Great player strong and fast. Serious expense 46-54k     Deal at less than 50k
Khadeira 86(?) Real. Ludicrously expensive, not played against him but h must be brilliant. At least 50k he will go for.
Milner. Bargain player in my eyes, new one will probably be released following transfer. In the low 1k's
Ozil 82 - Either ive confused him with an updated one or ive seen some confused bidders. 1.3-13k. I'll get back to you on that one.
Robben 81 - I hate this bloke but he is nippy, good shot too. 3.7-11k, probably a deal at less than 6k.
David Silva - Pretty good left winger, some variation on pricing too. 1.3-5.4, deal at less than 2k.
Sneijder - Very cheap but a weak player, great passer and good shooting. Dont spend much more than 1k
Yaya Toure - Strong player good passer, probably another bargain tbh. No more than 1k though.
Ashley Young - Quick, bit weak but pretty quick. 2-5.5k, pay less than low 4k's

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


You've made a deal? Unbelieveable proud of yourself buy feel the only person who might not give you a look of disapproval(girlfriend/parent/fifa hating friend) tell us if your dog looks puzzled in the comments section below.
Terry 1.25 with contract 32, STEAL
Benzema - just seen him go for 7.5 and 7.8 in quick succession, followed by an 11.5. The 7.8 benzema had 48 contract and 11.5 had 19. The deals are there.

Still in spain Puyol!! heading the vote of best defender atm, 75 contract just sold for 10k!!! i wish i had 10k, im guessing there was just one bidder, i thought i had a steal on de rossi, 20seconds to go and only 1.4k, ended up costing 6.15k, but he has a big contract, 50ish.

Punted on Lahm 1k, so if u want him i'd want 2. Or tell me if ive been ripped off. Got Riise for 1k too.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Midfield Part 1

There are so many players here, i started off with about 20 to browse but i ended up at around 50, so its proving to be time consuming. I dont have all the data for a lot of the good players as they generally have an overpriced starting bid.
X Alonso 82, awesome passer. You know what you get here. 1.8-3.5k     Deal<2k
Anderson, engergetic, i'm a united fan and hes better on the game than on grass, 0.65-3k, perservere to profit. Deal<1k
Arteta 85, great passer, quick ish, handy player. 2.1-6k with a wierd 13k(no big contract?) Deal<3k
Ballack, massively popular to sell, solid all round. 3.1-6.9k 5k is the going rate so Deal<4k
Barry, terrible in real life but quite good on the game as a holding player. .95-2.3k  deal<1.2k
Bastos, pretty much unknown to the world before the world cup, definitely a winger not a LB, 1.1-4.5k Deal<2.5k
Cambiasso, awesome player, deals to be had, money to be made, always loads for sale too. 3.2-10 Deal<4 he will usually sell for around 5k.
Joe Cole, my favourite player for a long time, enhanced by his liverpool debut in my eyes. 1.1-2.4k Deal <1.7k
De Rossi, awesome midfielder, saw him go for a steal at 1.4k, i had no $ to bid against. 1.4-10k Deal <5k will go for 7k+
Angel Di Maria, the most expensive 82 rated player on the game, good though. 8-12k   Deal<9k
Diego, good am, bit weak great passer 2-4k.     Deal<2.6k
Essien, very strong, very good, very expensive. Profit can be made here. 20-35k.       Deal <25k
Fabregas, quality player on the game. 15-22.6k             Deal<20, will sell for more than 20k
Iniesta, awesome passer, not bad in the box too. 12-16k seen him not sell for starting bids around 15k a lot.  Deal < 14k


A lot of people seem to go for Kompany/Toure if they dont have the big guys in Puyol/Lucio/Pique in the centre defense, I find chivu and samuel are really good, very strong but perhaps lacking the pace of the other 4. I've looked at players and how much there selling for to give you a guide of a bargain price for the following players. Ive only put down the players ive got a lot of prices for. Obviously time of day will probably alter the price paid but here goes:
Deal<10k means its a deal if you pay less than 10k, just in case your unaware.

Cole A, one of the best left backs, egit. 4-6k           Deal<5
Evra, other quality left back, not many on the game 8-13.5k(13.5 is high)    Deal low 8k, 8-9 is his range.
Felipe, attacking left back, highly rated/priced on the game. 5.2-9k       Deal<6.5
R Ferdinand not too strong, not too fast prices ranging from 2.6 to 7k.     Deal<4k
Gallas quick, strong in the air too from 2.6 to 7k.           Deal<3.5k
G Johnson, pretty great right back, solid. 2.3 to 6k, price changes a lot.  Deal<4k
Lucio, awesome CB, one of the best on the game. 21-30k                   Deal<24
Pique 81 pretty strong, good passer. Relatively cheap too. 2.7-4.8k.     Deal<3.2k
Puyol, pretty awesome some variations in price too. 16.1-26k  16 lucky deal.   Deal<21k
Sagna, a quality right back. 5-6.3k so not much room for manoeuvre.     Deal<5.5           
Terry dead strong, in the air too, painfully slow, 1st class egit too. Cheap though.2.1-3.2      Deal<2.5
Toure 86, strong and quick cheap for what you get. 5.5-8k Steady pricing,minimal profit.         Deal<6
Vidic superman strong, quickish, aerially dominant. money to be made. 3.8-16(more like 6)      Deal<4.5
Yobo, overrated by the game, quick and strong. 5.5-8k        Deal
Zanetti 86, quality bucaneering right back some money to be made here.  9.6-16.6k            Deal<10k

Good players who go for no more than set amounts.
Bruno Alves, W Samuel, C Chivu - great players, no more than 1k
Gamberini, no more than 4k sells between 3 and 5, more so closer to 5
Kompany - Between low 1k's and 3k. Handy player too.

Hope this helps post any questions about the info, or if you wanna no a guestimate about a certain players let me know and i'll tell you what ive got on them, cheers.


Here We Go

Basically i am going to start a blog on players and prices to help you not get ripped off.

Monday, 9 August 2010

In the begining

I basically started out playing fifa as a kid, the indoor games on FIFA 97 were a particular highlight, i had that on the PC. On went the years of more fifa games, RTWC, hope that means something to you, 99 with Bergkamp and on and on it went, mainly on the N64. Then came pro evo 5, i played it at a friends house and realised this kicks fifa into touch, i was turned in the space of about 5 minutes, not even put off by the lack of licenses as the gameplay felt much more fun. This went on until FIFA 09, EA pulled there fingers out and realeased a pretty great game, i wasnt really into the ultimate team as i joined late, already bought Pro Evo 2009 and enjoyed that, and didnt really get it(wasnt too bothered either), so games against mates was as far as i went. Enter Fifa 10 and Pro Evo 2010. Pro Evo may have aquired the champions league but they never developed the gameplay significantly whilst the guys at EA were making headway here, the Be A Pro/Become a Legend issue is a serious one. Be a pro makes development and progress more easy to see, while become a legend is harder work and stuck in the slow turning pro evo gameplay engine which is looking old compared to the smooth movements involved in Fifa.

In short Pro Evo 2010 is gathering dust somewhere while i play Fifa, mixed with a fair amount of Call of Duty. I love the Be A Pro, it is a brilliant idea to bring to any sports game, as i believe EA have done to everything they can. My PS3 issue has an issue with FIFA, it crashes playing manager mode, my be a pro was kind of lost too, had to edit my profile something on the xmb (i dont understand either), so i was pretty mad but told there was nothing i could do about it, EA has too many offices for one man to burn to the ground. My friend plays Fifa loads and he reminded me of ultimate team, and so it began.