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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Midfield Part 2

Lampard 87, popular player in all the good teams. Standard 28-32k. Deals probably to be done around mid 25k.
Kaka 86 - Great player strong and fast. Serious expense 46-54k     Deal at less than 50k
Khadeira 86(?) Real. Ludicrously expensive, not played against him but h must be brilliant. At least 50k he will go for.
Milner. Bargain player in my eyes, new one will probably be released following transfer. In the low 1k's
Ozil 82 - Either ive confused him with an updated one or ive seen some confused bidders. 1.3-13k. I'll get back to you on that one.
Robben 81 - I hate this bloke but he is nippy, good shot too. 3.7-11k, probably a deal at less than 6k.
David Silva - Pretty good left winger, some variation on pricing too. 1.3-5.4, deal at less than 2k.
Sneijder - Very cheap but a weak player, great passer and good shooting. Dont spend much more than 1k
Yaya Toure - Strong player good passer, probably another bargain tbh. No more than 1k though.
Ashley Young - Quick, bit weak but pretty quick. 2-5.5k, pay less than low 4k's

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